Here at Happy chappy Air, we use FSairlines, one of the best Virtual airlines. We are allowing our members to join for free and go fly. When entering the Happy chappy fleet, FSairlines is mandatory to have on your pc to fly for us. All you need to do is go to https://www.fsairlines.net to make an account. Then apply to join a Va. Look for Happy Chappy Air https://www.fsairlines.net/en/va/HCA and submit your application. Once you have hired on, you will need to get some mods to make sure everything works.  

Must Have Plugins

These Plugins are REQUIRED   to have to be able to fly for Happy Chappy Air.

1. Xpuipc/ XPUIPC is a software by Torsten Spiering. It is a plugin that translates X-Plane datarefs to FSUIPC offsets. This means that a good number f software written for FSX or P3D can be used with X-Plane as well.  http://www.schiratti.com/xpuipc.html 

2.The FSA flight-tracker/onnects to your flight simulator and records all flights in real-time. The flight-data is automatically uploaded to the FSAirlines Crew-Center where it is used to compute your virtual airline's statistics. https://www.fsairlines.net/

Recommend Quility of life Plugins

The following Plugins are some small ones that a lot of Happy Chappy Airlines pilots like to use

1. AviTab/ 

Need a moving map or PDF charts inside the cockpit that is also usable in VR? Maybe this is the plugin you're searching for.

AviTab is a tablet for your cockpit with full support for X-Plane's native VR mode and the normal 2D mode. The screenshots were taken in standalone mode to get a high resolution, but you can have the same window as a native plugin window in X-Plane!


2.Better push back  

Better Push back in a Plugin that allows you to be able to tug your aircraft to a point on the airfield that you want to go to instead of using X-planes primary push back. . https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC 

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